Tobacco Free Initiative

World Health Organization: Every strike could be your last.

In this illustration, every strike of a match takes on a profound meaning. The campaign expertly captures the attention of smokers, compelling them to realize that the very tool they casually use to ignite their cigarettes may, in fact, seal their own fate. With the slogan “Every strike could be your last” the campaign’s illustration delivers an emotional Impact. At first glance, it depicts a familiar image of matches, commonly associated with starting a fire. However, upon closer examination, the elaborate design adorning the matchbox unveils a disturbing truth. It serves as a stark reminder that by lighting that match to ignite their cigarette, individuals are unwittingly igniting a catastrophe a disaster that threatens their own life.

This campaign serves as a solemn reminder of the potential consequences of smoking, urging individuals to reconsider their choices and prioritize their health and well-being.